Infamous NBA Draft Bust Greg Oden Dunks In His First Game Since 2009

Greg Oden emerged from an injury-induced hiatus and dunked in his first preseason game with the Miami Heat last night.

It wasn’t the most graceful or spectacular dunk in the world. But given the fact that he hasn’t scored a basket in an NBA game since December 1st, 2009, it’s a great sign.

Oden has played just 82 games since he was drafted 1st overall (one spot ahead of Kevin Durant) in the 2007 NBA Draft. It’s the fewest games a top pick has ever played in his first six years in the league, according to Elias.

LeBron James said after the game, “I can just imagine how excited he was to get back out there. I’m going to have to take a toast for him, man. I ain’t no drinker, but I might have to take a shot for him. It was an absolutely great moment.”

He’s just so much bigger than everyone else:

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