GREG NORMAN: Tiger Woods Doesn't Deserve A Spot In The Presidents Cup

tiger woods pga championship round 1

Photo: AP

Greg Norman was very blunt when he said he would not have picked Tiger to compete in the Presidents Cup.“No, I wouldn’t have (picked Tiger), to tell you the truth,” Norman said. “I can understand the name of Tiger Woods and his history of what he’s done on the golf course. But me, as a captain, I pick the guys I think who are ready to get in there and play, who have performed to the highest of levels leading up to it.”

Norman went on to say that 25-year old Keegan Bradley was “much more deserving of one of the two spots that were available.” Bradley won this year’s PGA Championship.

Meanwhile, Tiger has not won a major since the 2008 US Open and has seen his world golf ranking fall outside of the top 50.

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