Greg Mortenson Is Now The Only Defendant In The 'Three Cups' Lawsuit


Remember that whole “Three Cups of Tea” debacle where Greg Mortenson and the Central Asia Institute were sued?

Well, now Mortenson — who recently had heart surgery — is the only defendant after CAI and and one plaintiff Jean Price were removed from the complaint.

CAI spokeswoman emailed this statement to The Wire: “Greg Mortenson stands by the events in his books and while no one likes litigation, which is expensive and time-consuming, we welcome an opportunity for the facts to come to light and be considered impartially through the legal process.”

Here’s the release from CAI:

20 June 2011


Central Asia Institute has been dropped from a lawsuit filed last month against the organisation and its executive director, Greg Mortenson.

The amended complaint was filed in federal court in Missoula, Montana on Friday, June 17. It is actually the second formal amendment of the complaint in the case, and eliminates both CAI and one of the original plaintiffs, Jean Price, from the lawsuit.

“We are bolstered by this news. CAI’s mission is better served without trial lawyers and the expense of litigation,” said Anne Beyersdorfer, CAI’s interim executive director.

Central Asia Institute is a non-profit organisation with the mission to empower communities of Central Asia through literacy and education, especially for girls, promote peace through education, and convey the importance of these activities globally.

Mortenson, who is under doctors’ orders to rest following open-heart surgery earlier this month, was not available for comment on the development.

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Karin Ronnow CAI Communications Director

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