Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld Is Hosting Glenn Beck This Friday

greg gutfeld

Glenn Beck‘s last show is June 30th. 

Presumably FOX is going to spend the summer cycling in various hosts while they decide what to do with the time slot (and/or wait for Megyn Kelly‘s return from maternity leave).

Yesterday, Red Eye’s Greg Gutfield Tweeted that he would be guest-hosting this Friday’s show, suggesting FOX may be considering him as a possible host for the slot. 

It’s an interesting option, and based on numbers perhaps not entirely surprising.  Red Eye, which airs at 3AM and is a favourite of the late night fraternity crowd, boasts big ratings.  And not just 3AM big.  Big, big. 

In a strange way, Gutfeld is a bit like a late night Beck — not so much in terms of political views, but because he has a similar aggressive sort of humour and manages to pull a devoted audience in a weird time slot.

So, while it’s probably unlikely the show as it is now would make a good fit for the 5pm crowd  FOX may be looking to tap into some of those devoted viewers by giving Gutfeld et al. some time in the daytime. 

Update: Gutfeld is hosting Beck’s quiz show, and will quiz Beck on trivia.

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