The Tech Founder Who Ranted Against Homeless 'Trash' Is Accused Of Using Startup Money To Pay Credit Card Debt

Late last year, AngelHack co-founder Greg Gopman posted an inflammatory comment on Facebook railing against the “crazy, homeless, drug dealers, dropouts, and trash” that “overrun” San Francisco.

He apologized, but now he has new problems: He’s being sued by his co-founder for allegedly using money from AngelHack’s bank accounts for personal expenses (like fancy vacations in Thailand and Colombia), according to Valleywag.

In the lawsuit filed this month in a California State Superior Court, Gopman’s co-founder and AngelHack CEO Sabeen Ali accuses Gopman of removing Ali from the company bank accounts without authorization while diverting $US70,000 to his credit card debt, and $US4,500 a month to pay his rent. Gopman is also accused of with allegedly changing AngelHack corporate account information, including the passwords to social media accounts, and emailing all AngelHack employees claiming that he would fire them.

According to the suit, the trouble began right around the time that Gopman and Ali signed an agreement replacing Gopman as AngleHack CEO. The suit claims breach of contract and seeks an injunction against Gopman.

Gopman has yet to respond to the suit. Business Insider has reached out to Gopman for comment.

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