'Batman' artist tells us how the Dark Knight could easily take down Iron Man in a fight

Recently, “Startalk Radio” host Neil deGrasse Tyson told Tech Insider Superman would “wipe his butt with Batman” while discussing next year’s highly-anticipated “Batman v Superman” movie. 

He also told us he thought Iron Man could take out the Caped Crusader

So, while we were at New York Comic Con, I asked the men who would know best. 

I spoke with current “Batman” writer and artist Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo to get their take on the matter, and both were surprised the host of “StarTalk Radio” wasn’t on team Batman.

“Let me at him! Where is he?” Capullo joked.

“That’s so weird,” Snyder told Tech Insider. “I would think he would think that Batman could [take on Superman] because he’s such a man of science.”

Here’s a photo of the duo together at Comic Con Snyder shared on Twitter.

“I was on a panel with John Romita Jr. [who has worked on comics ranging from “Superman,” “Punisher/Batman,” and “Iron Man”] and he says, ‘Come on, one punch and it’s over. I don’t care. He’s Superman,'” said Capullo.

“Yeah, but he would have already planned for that punch,” noted Snyder.

“That’s what I said!” added Capullo.

When I told the duo deGrasse Tyson thought Marvel’s Iron Man would be a better matchup, Capullo said Tony Stark didn’t stand a chance. 

Iron man tony stark

“That’s an easy defeat, and I’m going to tell you why,” Capullo said. “Tony Stark is a recovering alcoholic. He’s an alcoholic, right? So, all I would do is I would invite him to a drink, I’d spike the punch, and I’d go, ‘Tony, drink up!'”

Capullo said he’d get Stark drinking pretty heavily. “And that’s when I’d kick his arse.”

Snyder, who worked on 2010’s fur-issue miniseries “Iron Man Noir,”  didn’t have anything to add. 

That’s when I let Capullo know deGrasse Tyson thought Iron Man could beat Batman, too. 

“I gotta unfollow him on Twitter now,” Capullo joked.

Check out our video below where Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the one way Batman could possibly beat Superman in real life. 

NOW WATCH: Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how Batman can really beat Superman

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