Greenwich Zoning Board: Turkish Baths Need Further Review


Billionaires can expand in Greenwich but only by so much. Or maybe the Planning and Zoning Commission doesn’t like foreigners?

We told you yesterday how they gave Stevie Cohen approval for an expansion—he’s adding more than 1,500-square-feet onto his 35,000-square-foot home which already has a basketball court, an indoor pool, and an ice rink.

That proposal went though with no problem at all.

Such was not the case with Russian billionaires Valery and Olga Kogan and their 21,000-square-foot home.

Greenwich Time: Despite a presentation from architect-to-the-affluent Richard Granoff detailing the care a construction team would show in building the mansion, to include Turkish and Finnish baths, servants’ quarters, an indoor swimming pool and 15 toilets, a decision on the application was postponed until Jan. 20.

The commission wants more information on the traffic impact of the proposed 18-month construction period on narrow Simmons Lane. Despite their offer to hire a full-time police officer to direct traffic during that time, the Kogans have not put forth a worst-case-scenario estimate of truck trips per day down the lane.

The only available figure, Granoff said, is more than 300 truck trips to bring in fill to submerge the basement of the mansion not included in its square footage.