Greenwich Wives Freak Out Over ObamaCare

climate bill protest protesters

Tony Greenwich, Connecticut isn’t immune to the fear and loathing that has been seen at townhall meetings across the country during the Congressional recess this summer. 

Wall Street traders and their wives showed up fully charged to debate health care reform last night in Greenwich, Teri Buhl reports. And the concerns were exactly those you’d expect to hear at similar meetings held anywhere else in America: death panels, how much the plan will cost and rationing that prevents patients from seeing the best doctors or getting the best care.
It was a bit of a mob scene. At one point Congressman Jim Himes, who represent Greenwich in Congress, went out to speak to the 50 or so people locked out of the meeting because of space restrictions. He was escorted by 8 armed police officers.

The Congressman was “rattled” by questions from Jacqueline Walsh, the wife of Wall Street prop trader Jerry Walsh. Jacqueline quizzed Himes about death panels and cheered out loud when another participant argued that the public option wouldn’t work. 

At one point the crowd cheered ‘No more government, the free market can do it better.’

According to Buhl, the Greenwich crowd was very much in agreement with the critics of the plan.

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