Greenpeace Has Successfully Shamed Mattel Into Changing Its Asian Supply Chain


Photo: Flickr

Greenpeace is famous for its irreverent campaigns and the mega green NGO scored a few more points on the media-attention stakes with its latest action.The campaign targets Mattel, the California-based maker of the Barbie doll. That’s because Mattel’s supplier Asia Pulp and Paper has been driving deforestation in Indonesia, whose rainforest is home to tigers, orangutans, and elephants, all of which are endangered specieses.

Greenpeace’s attractive promo imagines Ken, Barbie’s eternal boyfriend, dumping the famous blondie after finding out about her very un-green habits. Mattel responded swiftly saying it was putting in place a policy to address the issues raised by Greenpeace.

Apparently they are not the only ones turning rainforest into toy packaging, though. Disney and Hasbro are also Asia Pulp and Paper’s clients.

Elsewhere the Rainforest Portal has started a parallel campaign urging Greenpeace to not accept Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification as an acceptable outcome for the campaign. The organisation says the FSC is nothing but greenwash.

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