Really, Why Is Time Warner Moving AOL To NYC?

Pali Research’s Rich Greenfield has more questions for Time Warner (TWX) management, including these:

Why is it so important to move the AOLBut business to NYC? Turner has an ad sales force in NYC, but it remains based in Atlanta and companies such as Google appear to be doing just fine with only having ad sales force teams in NYC, even AOL’s own will continue to be based in Baltimore and has an ad sales force in NYC.  Therefore, what makes AOL different?

o        Won’t it be quite disruptive for the large number of AOL employees who remain in Dulles? Why place executive management so far from the operating/technology team (other than reducing corporate jet airfare between Dulles and NYC)?

o        Is this simply being done ahead of the mass layoffs we hear are coming at AOL in October/November (meaning will there be much left in Dulles other than people related to the access business come year-end 2007)?

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