Greenberg Traurig Hit With $100 Million Malpractice Suit

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A longtime client filed a $100 million malpractice suit against Greenberg Traurig and three of its former partners.

Electronics manufacturer Leviton Manufacturing Co. alleges the firm failed to properly prosecute patent claims and committed discovery abuse, according to the ABA Journal.  Leviton’s relationship with the firm and the individual defendants spanned more than 35 years, according to the complaint.  

The suit is based, in part, on a federal judge sanctioning Leviton for more than $800,000 and awarding its opponent more than $200,000 in a suit where Greenberg Traurig failed to respond to subpoenas requesting documents and depositions.  The suit also claims the defendants failed to “prosec[ute] patent claims that covered the full breadth” of its inventions.  

The individual attorneys named are Paul Sutton, Barry Magidoff and Claude Narcisse. Sutton and Magidoff now have their own firm.  Sutton and Greenberg Traurig said the suit is without merit, according to the ABA Journal.  


Leviton Complaint

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