Green Gets Hired: 3 Ways to Market Sustainable Thinking

With Earth Day on Friday, April 22, it may be time to think about going green, particularly with your job search. Although the green movement and getting hired are two completely different things, they actually have more in common then you may think. Your green efforts, no matter how big they are, could be the difference between an interview and an actual job. 


Here are three ways to market sustainable thinking in the job search: 


Target green companies. Many major corporations have green policies, which include leading a sustainable work environment. Among other things, green work environments strive to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their paper consumption, and prevent any actions that may harm the environment. Having the same kind of values as an organisation is one of the first things you should keep in mind while job searching. 


If possible, make it a point to go to company events so you can get a firsthand look at how the organisation operates. Can’t attend in person? Many companies will host virtual events (which goes hand in hand with a green policy), making it easy for you to learn about the organisations and get to know people in the industry. 


Use less paper. It’s obvious that the less paper you use, the better it is for the environment. You can apply this to your job search. as well. Instead of having stacks of resumes on you at networking events, why not carry around recycled business cards? 


Vizibility, the first SearchMe Button for Google, allows you to customise your top five verified Google search results and transfers them to a permanent SearchMe link, which could be placed on this business card as well as other materials. Further, Vizibility now has QR code capabilities, which points the scanner to your verified search results, including your online resume. Now, the searcher has all the information you want them to know in the palm of their hand. You not only use less paper, but also show your knowledge for relatively new technology. 


Promote green efforts. Met an environmental pioneer at an event? Want to showcase the efforts of a green company you’re thinking about joining? Sometimes, it’s about what you can do for someone else, which is particularly important in the green movement. 


Even if it may not directly affect you, it’s always good to promote the efforts of others because it shows you have industry interest. Particularly in the green job search, it’s good to use tools like blogging, social networks, videos, etc. since they’re green-friendly and can be easily picked up and promoted further by others. This helps you–the source–get noticed, which is obviously important if you are interested in a company. An organisation would much rather make an investment in someone who already has a good track record (especially if it’s green) than someone who has no apparent presence at all. 


How do you market sustainable thinking?