Green Bay Homeless Couple Wins A Trip To The Super Bowl

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On Saturday, the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau launched a contest in Green Bay that would award two Super Bowl tickets to the first person that found a “mystery man” and uttered the phrase, “Have you been to Dallas lately?”

Ouida Wright and her boyfriend live in a homeless shelter and had just left a soup kitchen when they first heard about the contest.  Wright says they had 90-cents in their pockets when they began the search and they asked, “Have you been to Dallas lately?” to three different people before finding the correct mystery man.

The Wrights were thrilled with winning the contest, but still not sure they’d be able to make the trip because they couldn’t afford airfare.  But DCV surprised them on Sunday’s edition of Good Day Wisconsin and agreed to pay for their plane tickets.  Check it out:

Local homeless couple Super Bowl bound:

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