Spiders are blanketing a Greek town in webs, and the pictures are incredible

  • Lake Vistonida is the second Greek town to experience a wave of massive spiderwebs in autumn 2018.
  • This phenomenon is not a rare occurrence in the area – according to scientists, it happens every three to five years when it gets unseasonably warm and humid.
  • An abundance of mosquitoes and gnats – which long-jawed orb-weaver spiders in the Tetragnatha genus love to eat – is responsible.
  • These spiders pose no threat to humans – and are actually helpful since they eat mosquitoes which can carry disease.

Blame the all-you-can-eat tasty gnat buffet if you like – but a second Greek beach town is now currently covered in spiderwebs, reported Quartz.

Unseasonably warm weather means more gnats and mosquitos reproducing – which are both total treats for the long-jawed orb-weaver spider genus Tetragnatha, Dr. Maria Hatzaki, an arachnologist and professor, told Greek news site Newsit in September.

This isn’t the first Greek town to suddenly find itself blanketed in spiderwebs in 2018

The town currently draped in the best Halloween decorations Mother Nature can provide is a beautiful beach town called Lake Vistonida – but in September, Dr. Hatzaki talked about this same phenomenon in a town called Aetoliko.

She said these spiders pose no threat to humans – they’re just hungry, and as the population of their food species rises, the spider population rises as well because they have such abundant food.

Canada’s Global News shot some great video of these spiderwebs – and the spiders that wove them – in action.

Tetragnatha spiders aren’t just in Greece – they’re all over

While not every town will find itself draped in spider webs during bouts of unseasonably warm and humid weather, according to Bug Guide, Tetragnatha spiders are very common and exist all over the US and Canada.

Tetragnatha spiders have what may seem like unusually long bodies – which scientist and science communicator Catherine Scott said on her blog is why they’re sometimes called “stretch spiders.”

Some people may find spiders spooky – but Tetragnatha spiders are actually good for us humans

Tetragnatha – and other spiders as well – help keep the mosquito population in check with absolutely no intervention on our part. That’s extremely beneficial to humans since mosquitoes can carry all kinds of diseases that affect humans, according to the Centres for Disease Control.

They can also transmit some additional serious diseases to pets as well – including dog heartworm, according to the American Mosquito Control Association.

Dengue fever, malaria, Zika, and West Nile are just some of the very serious diseases that mosquito bites can transmit to humans.

Spiders getting their fill of those bloodsuckers is both better for human health and completely festive for Halloween.

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