Meanwhile... Greek Mayor Is At Day 22 Of Hunger Strike Against Austerity

Christos Kortzidis

Christos Kortzidi is the stud mayor of Elliniko who went on a hunger strike in 2007 to protect free access to local beaches.

His new strike to protest Greek austerity measures started on April 29and by all reports it’s still going.

Greek newspaper HAYGH (translated) profiled the mayor on Saturday in the 17th day of his hunger strike. Chances are he’s still going today — on the 22nd day — as in his last strike Kortzidi made it to 24 days, before claiming victory.

Elliniko City Council President Bill Vassio may also be taking part in the strike, based on this translation of the city council website.

It’s easy to lose track of exactly what the Greeks are protesting. While the crowds on the street today are protesting pension cuts, Kortzidi and others want to block a plan to re-draw municipal boundaries known as Kallikratis:


Protests by local authority officials against Kallikratis, an ambitious government plan to redraw administrative boundaries and overhaul local government, continued yesterday with the resignation of the entire council of a municipality in the Peloponnese. Meanwhile, residents of the small town of Siatista, near Kozani in northern Greece, blocked the Egnatia Highway for the fourth day in a row, complaining that their town has not been made the capital of Voios municipality.

The leader of the main opposition conservative New Democracy party, Antonis Samaras, appeared to take advantage of the mood, calling on local government officials affiliated to ND to encourage residents in their areas to oppose the bill, due to be submitted in Parliament soon. “If the government persists with this choice, it will incur a heavy cost,” Samaras said.

Ultimately, every protest in Greece and around Europe is about raising money for the government on the back of the people.

Have we seen the worst?

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