The Controversial 'Lagarde List' Was Leaked In Greece, And You Won't Believe Who Got Arrested

Kostas Vaxevanis

Photo: Twitter

This weekend it was reported that the controversial “Lagarde List” was published in a Greek magazine.The list of Greek citizens with Swiss bank accounts is so named because Christine Lagarde gave it to the former PM of Greece bak in 2010. Since the list may contain the name of tax evaders — some of whom may be powerful and influential — its existence and alleged coverup has been controversial.

So who got arrested?

The list leaker.

From Bloomberg:

Kostas Vaxevanis, editor of the Greek magazine Hot Doc, was arrested in Athens today, according to a message posted on his Twitter account at 11 a.m. local time. An arrest warrant was issued yesterday after the magazine published what’s been dubbed the “Lagarde list,” an electronic file given to Greece in 2010 by then-French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde of about 2,000 Greeks with Swiss accounts.

Vaxevanis was arrested for publishing citizens’ private information, a breach of Greek privacy law, a police spokesman said by telephone today. Private television station Mega TV reported that he was released and will appear in court tomorrow.

In a video message posted on the news website Pandora’s Box today, Vaxevanis said he published the list because of government inaction in following up on the names of potential tax evaders even as it prepares new austerity measures.

For more on the Lagarde List, see here >

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