9 Gorgeous Greek Islands That Can Be Yours For Just A Few Million Bucks

Omfori 1

Photo: Private Islands Online

Want to help the ailing Greek economy? Buy an island!Private Islands Online has the listings for some of the most gorgeous pieces of paradise floating in the Mediterranean.

It goes without saying that owning and maintaining an island is much more complicated than owning and maintaining a house.

But once you get by the logistics, you will be rewarded with unparalleled views and an unbelievable amount of privacy.

The following nine island go for between $1.5 million to $186 million.

Thanks to Private Islands Online for letting us feature some of their photos.

St. Athanasios is a cozy 2.5 acres of mostly palm and olive trees. It's located in the Iteas bay in the Gulf of Corinth.

St. Athanasios can be yours for just $1.9 million dollars.

Modi is a 51-acre gem. It's part of the Echinades chain, west of the Gulf of Corinth.

Modl has an asking price: $1.5 million.

Tokmakia is 34.5 acres off of the coast of Turkey.

Tokmakia is all beachfront property. Permits are in place for hotel development.

Tokmakia is a $5 million bargain.

Kardiotissa is half-way between Crete and Athens.

Kardiotissa is an enormous 280 acres.

Kardiotissa is an absolute bargain at $8 million.

St. Thomas Island comprises 300 acres, 50 of which are available for purchase. It's situated just west of Athens

St. Thomas Island can be yours for $15 million.

At more than 1,300 acres, Dulichium is the largest Greek island on offer at the site.

Dulichium counts 4,000 olive trees there.

Dulichium is yours for $50 million.

At more than 1,100 acres, Omfori is also among the larger islands on offer.

Currently only 20 per cent of Omfori is permitted for development, but the figure may be increased in the future.

Omfori is yours for $62 million.

Gaia has 43 acres, with approval to build 6 villas and permission to subdivide into 6 plots.

Gaia is yours for $5 million.

It's at the southern tip of the Attic peninsula.

It's proximity to the mainland and access to public infrastructure makes it a premium buy.

The site counts 5,050 olive trees, along with pine and brush.

There are also about 150 goats owned by the family graze on the island.

Price: $186 million.

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