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The European President Herman Van Rompuy has announced that a deal has been reached with Greece to help the struggling nation with its debt problems:CNBC: “There is an agreement on the Greek situation. We will communicate now the agreement to the other leaders,” Van Rompuy told reporters.

Moreover, it looks like greater Europe, even beyond the Eurozone (those within the euro currency system) could be brought in to help:

Reuters: A financial support package for Greece should involve help from the euro zone and the European Union as a whole, a Spanish EU source said on Thursday, and the deal is likely to be finalised by Tuesday.

“The general idea is to have broad European assistance with a tighter focus of assistance by euro zone countries,” the source from the Spanish EU presidency said, adding that a strong political message of support for Greece would be sent on Thursday but that some aid details would also likely emerge.

Bear in mind, there are no details yet! This could all fall through.

Here are the Greek counterparties who will be slammed in a collapse >
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