George Papandreou

Greece’s socialist government has survived the confidence vote.

Earlier, the country’s prime minister, George Papandreou, attacked everyone from ratings agencies to tax evaders over his country’s situation.

The vote passed, and now we move on to next week’s vote (s) on austerity measures.

Not notable acceleration in riot activity in Athens as of yet.

Earlier: Papandreou has attacked opposition party New Democracy, saying their plan for Greece would lead to bankruptcy. He has also attacked the previous government for the country’s current debt problems.

Earlier, Papandreou complained about the strength of the ratings agencies. He believes they are more powerful than countries. He also complained about the use of tax havens.

He said a primary surplus in 2012 is the fiscal goal of Greece.

Speeches prior to the vote are ongoing. Evangelos Venizelos, the country’s finance minister, is now speaking. He says Greece needs to send the world a clear signal with this vote.

Preview: We’re just minutes away from the confidence vote in Greece’s parliament for Prime Minister George Papandreou and his government.

You can watch proceedings in Greek here >

You can watch the live crowd reaction to the vote here >

It is expected that the vote will pass, with Papandreou’s socialist party supporting him and his government. If it does, we’ll march on to next week’s vote on new austerity measures, vital for Greece receiving further IMF and European Union support.

If it doesn’t, then a new election could result, stall the entire process, and put a Greek default back front and centre.

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