Greece vs. Germany: Football Showdown Between Europe's Arch Debt Crisis Antagonists Looks Likely

Greece’s national football team just scored to go up 1-0 against Russia. If Greece can hold on to beat Russia and advance as the runner-up in Group A they would play the winner of Group B, which is looking like it will be….Germany!

Anyone following the vitriol which has been spewed in the Greek and German media towards each respective country these past two years can’t help but be intrigued by a possible matchup of the two Eurozone debt crisis antagonists on the football pitch.

Will Angela Merkel extend an olive branch and invite Greece’s newly elected ‘Sexy Alexis’ Tsipras to share the spectators box at the match? Will tempers fuelled by 2+ years of economic depression and feelings of being cheated and bullied boil over amongst the players? Would a lopsided German victory serve to further engrain in the Greek psyche the notion of a German-dominated Europe?

Or, more optimistically, will sport — in its unique role in our society — do what it does when it’s at its best and serve as a means to bring disagreeing peoples together to help form the basis for a constructive way forward in the Eurozone crisis?

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