Two Quick Reads On Greece


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With the Greek austerity vote due to be held in a matter of hours (7:00 AM ET Wednesday), here are two quick and worthwhile reads.

  • First, Kathimerini has a look at where the voting stands now. Of the four PASOK (ruling party) MPs who have indicated a hesitance towards voting for the measure, three seem to be softening their stance. Only one is firmly opposed, and it turns out he lives in a district that would get really hit hard by privatizations. There’s a few non-PASOK MPs who might theoretically vote for the bill. Most likely it will pass by a thin majority.
  • Meanwhile, some bad news about that austerity bill, even if it does pass. The FT reports that money which can be expected to be raised from privatizations of state assets is probably a fraction of what Greece is expecting. The only hope is if they sell more prime land and heritage sites.

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