5 Great Stories About Greece And Europe To Read Before The Weekend Is Over

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The weekend is almost over, and your time available to read anything longer than 200 words is winding down, so while you still can, you ought to take the time to read some good stories on Greece and Europe, since it’s the #1 topic that’s going to dominate the next week several years.

  • Manos at LOLGreece wades into the debate about how hard the Greeks work, whether it’s a lie that they’re lazier than the rest of Europe. The answer: Yes, it is a lie that Greeks are lazy, and that myth is propagated by a pro-German bias in the media, but on the other hand, the Greek labour market is definitely not competitive, and horribly inflexible.
  • Yanis Varoufakis looks at the attempts by broader Europe to lean on Greek members of parliament to support austerity, a strategy that is almost certainly doomed.
  • We linked to it yesterday, but if you haven’t had time yet, read this Der Spiegel piece on how, basically, an entire generation of European youth have become disenchanted with the whole project. Joblessness is running rampant everywhere, with everyone — banks, politicians, the Germans — taking blame.
  • From The Globe & Mail: The weird thing about Germany right now is that everyone despises Angela Merkel, yet the economy is booming like crazy.
  • Finally: The latest details on the attempt to get European banks to share the Greek bailout burden.

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