Leaked documents reveal what Greece had to say at the Eurogroup negotiations

Yanis VaroufakisREUTERS/Francois LenoirGreek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis addresses a news conference after an euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels February 16, 2015.

As the stalemate over a Greek debt deal continues in Europe, the Greek newspaper Ekathimerini published a group of documents leaked from the last week of Eurogroup meetings on Greece’s bailout terms.

They include several statements made at the meeting by Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, as well as several technical documents.

After reading parts of these documents (before the English version was leaked to Ekathimerini), finance writer Frances Coppola wrote on her blog, Coppola Comment:

“So, to sum up, Athens’ offer contains no commitment to completing the current programme, but does include commitments to complete certain structural reforms that form part of the current programme. Subtle, much?”

And after seeing the entirety, Coppola followed up with:

“Looking at this, it is very hard to argue that the Athens government has not been specific about its plans, or that its plans are unreasonable.”

Here’s the full group of documents:

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