The Greeks Are Confused By A New Law That Would Classify Pedophiles And Pyromaniacs As ‘Disabled’

Greece Strikes Austerity

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Disabled Greeks fear that a new government plan to include pedophiles and pyromaniacs in a list of disabilities may be part of a plan to undermine their state benefits, the BBC reports.Others included in the list included compulsive gamblers, fetishists, kleptomaniacs and sadomasochists.

The National Confederation of Disabled People, a Greek support group, told the AP that under the new rules pedophiles may earn more benefits than someone who had an organ transplant.

Greek authorities have said that the document is just to help with assessment, and not for benefit entitlement. However, given the huge budget cuts the government is hoping to make, its understandable that some are worried this is just a covert cut.