The Situation In Greece Seems To Have Entered A Violent New Stage

Athens Bomb Blast

Photo: AP

Following the tragic suicide in Athens last week, it really does appear that the Greek troubles are entering a new, potentially dangerous stage.The Daily Mail reports that a firebomb blast took out a government building last night — and appears to have specifically targeted the Public Sector Reform Ministry, responsible for laying off 150,000 public sector workers.

Thankfully, despite the fact there was no warning given, no one was hurt in the blast.

The bombing comes just days after a similar attack on the home of Costas Simitis, the former Greek prime minister who led the country into the euro.

Meanwhile at the weekend, a number of protestors broke into the studios of Panagiotis Vourhas, a popular tv host who had aired the views of a neo-Nazi the week before, pelting him with eggs and yogurt on Live TV.


The country is expected to head to the polls in mid-May to elect a new government, with technocrat leader Lucas Papademos widely expected to win.

Something tells us a significant portion of the population may not be too happy with that.

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