Violence Breaks Out In Greek Protests Ahead Of Tonight's Austerity Vote

Multiple reports are streaming in from Twitter that explosions from Molotov cocktails are occurring in front of the Greek parliament.

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Here’s a picture of the flares being thrown:


Photo: @Inflammatory_

And now police are using tear gas canisters pretty heavily against protesters, according to eyewitnesses:

In response, protesters are turning their Molotov cocktails on the police:

Police have even resorted to water cannons to control the crowd:

The latest scene:

More disturbing reports as it sounds like things are really getting out of control:

And the tear gas keeps on coming:

A wild video showing protesters striking riot police with the Molotov cocktails and the big water cannons being fired back at the protesters was just uploaded to YouTube:

This fantastic photo shows a Greek protester holding up the flags of Italy, Spain, and Portugal along with the Greek flag in an apparent display of solidarity among debt-laden peripheral countries against the troika lenders:

And Athens broadcaster has a livestream from Syntagma Square and inside parliament, where another fight is breaking out:

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More to come…

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ORIGINAL: Sometime near midnight in Athens tonight, the Greek parliament will cast a neck-in-neck vote on whether to pass new austerity measures demanded by troika lenders.

Greek workers are angry about the prospect of further spending cuts, and they’ve taken to the streets as part of a huge 48-hour general strike involving hundreds of thousands of people that began yesterday.

Now, protesters are flooding into Syntagma Square in front of the parliamentary building in the biggest crowd Greece has seen in a while.

The video below, uploaded to YouTube less than an hour ago, gives a panoramic view of how big the protests are right now.

Eyewitness reports are putting massive estimates to the size of the crowd: 

We will provide updates as the situation develops. Follow the vote LIVE on Money Game >

(h/t Theodora Oikonomides)

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