Green Technology From A Bygone Era

Green tech is nothing new, it just happens to be in better shape than ever before. The Guardian put together a very cool slideshow of green technology through the ages. Here’s a few excerpts, though, we highly recommend clicking through for the full gallery. Or click on any image to be taken to the Guardian’s site.

This is how the Green Sheet is printed every single day. On a solar powered printing press, first illustrated in 1882. We should probably find a better technology, huh?

solar printing press

Wind turbines have come a long way since this display of windmills at the World Fair of 1893.


This is not what Britain has in mind when it mandates a zero carbon home, but it can’t be far off. A 1975 Minnesota home with solar panels for the roof, and a windmill in the back, as well as a waterless toilet that uses bacteria to break the waste down in just 6 months.

solar printing press

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