Japan's Gaming Juggernaut Wants To Kill Facebook


Gree, the leader in mobile gaming in Japan, wants 1 billion users, its CEO told Reuters. And it wants to rival Facebook. 

Here’s why that’s not completely insane.

First of all, though you may not have heard of it, Gree is pretty huge. It’s a leader in Japan in mobile, social games, in the country that basically invented sophisticated mobile phones and social gaming. It’s publicly traded, with a market cap around $3 billion. So this isn’t some rinky-dink startup.

Second of all, Gree is basically at the sweet spot of where everything is going right now. It’s about mobile, social and gaming. Gaming is 50% of the time spent on Facebook. Mobile is the future of social networking (and everything else).

That social networking could be headed in that direction seems much less far-fetched than the proposition that Google could defeat Facebook with a carbon copy

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