10 Quotes That Perfectly Illustrate The Art Of The Deal

warren buffett

A good dealmaker understands that it’s their job to finesse things into place. 

Mastering the art of deal making is what transforms an everyday company into a leading business empire.

If you look at the great dealmakers of our era – Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban, to name just a few – the one thing that separates them from the pack is their innate ability to identify and close lucrative deals.

Many M&A professionals look to these leaders for inspiration in their own careers. Firmex has brought together a list of Top 10 M&A quotes, to celebrate the great dealmakers of our time, and the true art of deal making.

The Top 10 M&A Quotes Of All Time

Donald Trump

John Stumpf

Mark Cuban

Warren Buffett

Peter Lynch

Frank McKinney Hubbard

Bill Hambrecht

Andrew Carnegie

Ari Emanuel

Timothy Sloan, Wells Fargo

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