REMEMBER FUKUSHIMA? Workers Discover Exposed Rods, And Damage Worse Than Thought


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Following a close investigation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, officials have found one of the reactor cores to be far more badly damaged than originally thought.In  report by the Associated Press, the new findings could significantly delay stabilisation efforts at the crippled plant.

Also discovered during the inspection were lower than expected water levels in Unit 1, totally exposing the fuel rods, and suggesting a greater leak in the chamber than previously believed.

Temperatures are currently kept below dangerous levels with a constant infusion of new water, but the water is then leaking to other parts of the building.

Further examinations are needed to determine how much time these new developments will add to the April plan of bringing the reactor to a full shutdown within nine months.

Of the plants six reactors two have been brought to a full, cold shutdown.