Great News: The Women Are Still Bullish...Somehow

Women are bullish on future business growth, according to two new new surveys. Much more so than men.

  • Nearly three in five (58%) women business owners anticipate that their organisations’ revenues will grow in 2009, and nearly one-half (44%) do not expect difficulty in obtaining access to credit, according to the 2008 Business Risk Survey conducted by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (NYSE: CB) and the Women Presidents’ organisation (WPO).
  • New research from Everywoman and Natwest has revealed that 88 per cent of women are forecasting business growth between now and 2013, while just 74 per cent of men are doing the same.

Unfortunately, we cannot find comprables for last year. The most recent survey of women in business we can find is from 2006. According to that survey, 89% of women were predicting growth for 2007. Which would mean that we’ve had a dramatic drop off in optimism.

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