Great New Screenshots Of Windows 8 And Office 15 On Tablets

windows start screen

Photo: Microsoft

This morning, Microsoft revealed a lot of new details about the upcoming version of Windows that will run on low-powered ARM processors, which are used in most tablets today.Basically, this is Microsoft’s best shot at the iPad.

The company also released a video with some pictures of Windows and the next version of Office running on an ARM device.

Some of these pieces have been seen before, but the shots of Office are brand new.

Check it out…

Here's the start screen. Cute dog.

You swipe to start and are prompted to enter a password.

There's also a Metro-style photos app.

And a calendar.

And a version of Internet Explorer. Those are browser tabs up top.

And a store to download other Metro apps. All of this has been seen before.

By the way, here's what the file-picker looks like in Metro mode.

Here is Word running in desktop mode on an ARM device.

Excel in desktop mode.

Here's Excel in desktop mode, but being used with a touch screen. That black dot is where the user is putting his finger.

Here is PowerPoint in desktop mode.

And last of all, OneNote, Microsoft's note-taking app.

For more great screenshots of Windows 8...

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