Now A Great Grandmother Is Accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Of Sexual Harassment

The 15th woman to come forward and accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment is a great-grandmother who says she was “the victim of continuous inappropriate sexual advances” while working at the senior citizens service desk at City Hall, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Famous attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing several other women who say they were victims of 70-year-old Filner’s harassment, will hold a news conference about the new allegations later today. The woman is expected to give details about Filner’s harassment at the news conference.

Filner is still stubbornly refusing to resign. He completed a two-week intensive therapy program to address his behaviour (which he has acknowledged as inappropriate), but a recall effort is still underway to get him out of office.

The first allegations of sex harassment came down over a month ago when a prominent former supporter called for his resignation. All nine City Council members have also demanded he resign.

Filner is now facing a lawsuit from his former director of communications, Irene McCormack Jackson. And he wants the city to cover the cost of his defence because he never received training to prevent sexual harassment.

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