14 great holiday gifts to get for your coworkers

You may spend the majority of your life with these people, but that doesn’t necessarily make shopping for your coworkers any easier.

While swapping gifts with coworkers isn’t always appropriate or the norm, if you do want to spread some holiday cheer this year, this list of 14 inexpensive gifts can help take the stress out of your holiday shopping.

Liven up someone's desk with a colourful terrarium.


Research suggests workers perform better when plants are added to workplaces.

Price: $24

Make staying organised more colourful.

This pack of three lined journals are the perfect way to brighten up even the dullest of meetings.

Price: $13

Keep them hydrated.

CamelBak's Chute water bottle is great because, without any funny mouthpieces or straw components, it's so easy to clean. It also fits a ton of water, which means your coworker doesn't need to constantly refill.

Price: $13

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a share-able snack.

No one needs a gallon of gourmet popcorn, right? Wrong. Gourmet popcorn is the perfect desk snack and will likely be gone in no time.

Price: Starts at $16

Add a little intrigue to their morning coffee with a Creature Cup.

Creature Cups

Who wouldn't want to enjoy their morning joe with a surprise in every cup?

Price: $15

Let coffee lovers enjoy their daily fix on the go with a travel french press mug.

If your office Keurig maker leaves something to be desired, the caffeine addict in your office might appreciate the taste of a french press coffee and the convenience of taking it wherever they go.

Price: $21

Or make their cold brew addiction more affordable.

If they're more partial to cold brew, they can skip paying more than $3 a cup at Starbucks and make their own right in the office fridge with a Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, which can make up to a quart of cold brew at a time, or four servings.

Price: $19

Help them focus with a solid pair of headphones.

Music can help eliminate the productivity-inhibiting distractions that often result from an open office layout. While your coworker may have their own pair of earbuds for travel, on-ear headphones help eliminate noise and are great for keeping at their desk.

For less than $30, you won't get the best headphones out there, but CNET rates the JVC HA-S400 headphones with Carbon Nanotubes an 8 out of 10 for sound quality, and notes that these headphones sound more expensive than they are.

Price: $25

Give them something to listen to with Adele's '25' album.

Her record album sales just go to prove: everyone and their mum loves Adele. Even if your coworker already has a copy at home, they could always use another for the office.

Price: $10

Help them keep their workspace organised and safe from predators.

The dino desk organiser can store supplies, hold memos, and make their desk a little less boring.

Price: $11

Share some laughs with the grown-up version of Apples to Apples.

Nicholas Carlson/Business Insider

We warn you though: Cards Against Humanity, one of the most popular games right now, is not for the faint of heart or those without a sense of humour.

Price: $25

Something from the heart will surely be appreciated.

Alex Wong/Getty

You don't need to spend massive amounts of money to show your appreciation. If you have a particular talent for baking, knitting, other forms of craftiness, consider whipping up something special for your coworkers.

A gift from the heart is priceless.

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