10 Extravagant Items Fit For The Royal Baby's Nursery


The Royal Baby Watch begins in earnest today as Kate Middleton was reportedly helicoptered to London from her parents’ home.

But it still remains to be seen: How will Kate and William decorate the nursery? 

A child who could one day be the future king or queen of England needs a bedroom to match, which is where PoshTots comes in. PoshTots, known for its luxury kids furniture, has the poshest in baby room décor.

We’re talking cribs that cost upwards of $5,000, and playhouses that put your old pillow fort to shame.

The company’s lavish furnishings have even adorned children’s bedrooms of clients such as Julia Roberts, the Trumps, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Heidi Klum, according to Style Weekly.

We found 10 pieces of PoshTots’ luxe furniture that would be sure to please the new prince or princess.

This carriage bed is perfect for a princess.

On a cedar and birch frame, the delicate-crafted carriage bed sits on wheels and comes with a rear box that makes a great changing table and storage unit.

Price: $19,995

The Fantasy Coach is great to play in, and cozy enough to sleep in.

One of PoshTots's most talked-about pieces is reminiscent of Cinderella's stage coach, handcrafted in England of wood and fibreglass. The large interior is more than six feet in diameter.

Price: $47,000

An old-fashioned pram is classic, stylish, and functional.

Kate is known for her elegant style, which will no doubt be adopted by the royal baby. The Silver Cross Balmoral pram has chrome detailing and handpainted pinstripes, which both mum and baby are sure to love.

Price: $4,498

The royal baby snuggle up in this posh, plush bedding.

Hovering under a frilly, creamy off-white canopy, the regal Jaylen bedding comes in pink or blue silk fabrics, and fits perfectly in a round crib.

Price: $1,190

Sleep in style in a Cinderella-esque crib.

Sleeping in the Princess Coach Iron Crib is like travelling through an enchanted forest; the iron crib is adorned with vine that serve as a home to the little bird perched on top.

Price: $4,250

This playhouse is like a real castle, but scaled down to size.

The Colbert Play Castle has a rock-climbing wall up the side and a secret entrance that leads into the castle through the fireplace. It's the perfect royal getaway.

Price: $6,999

Twins will match in this royal crib set.

Kate may not be having twins, but if she were, the silver and gold details of these are elegant and gender neutral for princes or princesses.

Price: $4,400 each

Changing diapers has never been more glamorous.

The elegant Mosaic Garden changing table is crafted with handpainted pieces of vintage china that have been arranged into mosaics. It's functional, too: The drawers and cabinets open to provide storage for baby clothes.

Price: $5,136

Even toy boxes can look regal.

When the little prince or princess gets tired of playing, the Prince Toy Box Bench is great for storing all sorts of toys, and then curling up for a nap afterward.

Price: $200

A royal baby deserves the plushest bedding.

It may be called the Prince of Monaco Round Baby Bedding, but with silk this soft, it'll lull any baby off to sweet dreams.

Price: $1,590

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