This man captures aerial photos of the most exquisite vacation spots in the world

Beach photos are a dime a dozen on Instagram, but photographer Grey Malin serves up spectacular pictures of beaches and pools that turn the genre into art.

Malin’s aerial shots of vacationers can make beach scenes look like playful, colourful wallpaper patterns or storybook illustrations. He even hops in a helicopter sometimes to get his photos.

Malin’s most popular works feature aerial beach scenes, quirky animals, and a smorgasbord of colours. 

Let’s dive in to see what makes Malin so successful. 

This is Grey Malin, the photographer whose aerial beach pictures have become a global brand.

To capture his popular beach scenes, Malin travels to many different countries.

Italy and Australia are home to some of the most iconic shots.

This one is from a series done at Congee Beach, located in Sydney. Malin's knack for framing wave patters is uncanny.

He calls this aerial shot of sunbathers 'Beach Sprinkles.'

His focus on brightly coloured and uniquely shaped umbrellas embraces the whimsical side of beach life.

From above, the precise rows of umbrellas make for stunning patterns.

Malin uses balloons for surreal shots of oceans and pools, as seen in the next six photos from the ongoing 'Up and Away' collection.

No -- those aren't photoshopped emojis. Just brightly coloured Mylar balloons!

The pink flamingos in this shot look gorgeous against the teal ocean background.

'Balloons are a universal symbol of celebration, happiness and joy,' Grey Malin wrote on his website when announcing the series.


Yes. Pineapple Mylar balloons exist, too.

This post featuring dad-shirt balloons appeared on Malin's Instagram last Father's Day.

Malin's Instagram account is full of shots featuring fun food and drinks with gorgeous backgrounds.

It's hard to say which is more appealing, the doughnut or the beach.

Malin's Instagram also features his photographs as displayed in homes across the globe.

From Instagram to your bedroom wall, Malin's beach photos can transport anyone right into summer-mode.

Naturally, many of Malin's iconic photos have been turned into merchandise for the summer-lovers of the world.

The phone cases are a top seller. Who wouldn't want a little splash of summer on their phone at all times?

There was even a limited edition run of these meta beach towels featuring Malin's ocean scenes.

In early 2015, Malin collaborated with Sperry for a series of patterned summer shoes.

Malin's latest project was a coffee table book featuring an array of beachscapes.

Follow Malin on Instagram to enjoy a daily escape into his beautiful summer scenes.

If liking Malin's Instagram photos isn't enough, you can buy prints and follow his lifestyle blog here.

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