GRAPHICS: Heatwave Sweeps East Across The Country, Mercury Set To Soar To 45

A widespread heatwave is forecast to extend from Western Australia to South Australia, inland NSW, Victoria and Tasmania this week, with temperatures expected to soar to 45 degrees in parts of northern Victoria on Thursday

The Bureau of Meteorology’s new “Pilot Heatwave Forecast” service predicts severe conditions for parts of the interior of Western Australia and southeastern Australia.

The extreme heat has been building this week in parts of the Pilbara region, where temperatures have been eight to 10 degrees above the January average.

The Australian Medical Association is warning people to take precautions during the extreme heat, ensuring they stay hydrated and monitor their body temperature.

“We don’t realise how hot it is because we are used to the warmer days and doing things we think we can cope with but the reality is it is a lot hotter than what we have experienced so far, so we need to take better precaution,” AMA president Richard Choong said.

Here are The BOM’s graphics of the heatwave moving across the country throughout the week.





Find The BOM’s Pilot Heatwave Forecast here.

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