A graphic designer uses her design skills to bake incredible made-to-order cookies

Holly foxHolly FoxHolly Fox sells custom cookies on Etsy.

Graphic designer Holly Fox found a way to mix her love of sweets, colour, and art into a cookie business she runs on the side, called HollyFoxDesign.

The 36-year-old was always into baking, but around five years ago she decided to try her hand at using Royal icing.

The hobby stuck, and she now even dyes the icing herself. 

Because she has a full-time job, Fox said she usually bakes cookies twice a week, and spends the weekend icing them and wrapping them up.

“I’m at a desk all day,” she told INSIDER. “So it’s fun for me to create something with my hands.”

She said that cookie inspiration comes from everywhere, but she loves making her gem-shaped cookies the most.

“I am a diamond girl,” she said. “I could make gems day and night, and I pretty much do!”

Her whimsical cookies are for sale on Etsy, where she opened up shop in 2011. They are made-to-order, though she shares photos of the cute and colourful cookies she custom-makes on Instagram.

“I love to collaborate with my clients to design something they will love,” she said. “It’s super fun when I get a new palette to work with.”

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