There's Now A Facebook-Like Social Network Just For Marketers

GraphEffectJames Borow and Clark Landry, cofounders of GraphEffect

Agencies and clients can hopefully look forward to fewer conference calls and endless email chains due to a new social network dedicated entirely to social marketers’ communication and collaboration.After only being available to a select list of brands and developers (including Toyota, American Express, and Samsung), GraphEffect, a collaboration platform for online marketers, will now give network access to all users and developers for the first time.

The Facebook-like work space allows cross-organizational marketers to collaborate on multiple campaigns simultaneously.

According to a press release, GraphEffect is a “social network for marketing organisations to work together on a variety of functions including planning, content creation, analysis, social advertising and more.”

GraphEffect co-founder James Borow told Business Insider that it “already partnered with a number of large agency holding companies to take the product in-house,” though it didn’t disclose which. The company does have advisors from agencies including Ogilvy and Digitas.

The company generates revenue primarily by charging a fee to marketers that execute the campaigns they plan through the tool as well as taking a commission on Facebook ads and similar buys on other platforms.

In just two years, GraphEffect grew to 50 people in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York offices and has raised $14 million in funding to date.

But seeing is believing. We put together this slideshow to walk you through just how GraphEffect works while pointing out the key features.

GraphEffect gives users a Facebook-like interface that shows snapshots of everything happening on all of your projects simultaneously.

But the site isn't about creating an elaborate network of friends but rather connecting cross-organizational team members in a single work space.

Now, this is what it is like to actually use GraphEffect. This is you, a hypothetical account exec using the site to manage a new campaign.

You can see your teams (the purple circles), people you are collaborating with (the teal circles), and your public and private inboxes (the orange circles) from your landing page.

Here's your team page for the a specific campaign. While it looks like the profile page, everything here (collaborators, messages, follow-ups) is specific to this project.

The purple circles signify the apps your team is using for this project, and the teal are the your team's messages.

And, with that, you have a cohesive team of marketers working together, in real time -'we want to make people work more efficiently with lessons we learned from social networking,' explains co-founder, James Borrow.

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