NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill explained why he likes the playoffs schedule that many think is too long

  • While many people believe the NBA playoffs are too long, Hall of Famer and Turner Sports NBA analyst Grant Hill thinks the format is just right.
  • Hill told Business Insider that from the end of March to mid-July, the NBA dominates the sports news cycle because of the playoffs, draft, free agency, and Summer League.
  • With NBA playoffs TV ratings doing well, a stocked draft class, and big-name free agency class, the NBA likely agrees with Hill and has no incentive to change the model.

The 2018 NBA playoffs have already delivered some fun, compelling series that have elevated some rivalries and raised the star power of some of the leagues’ most prominent names.

However, many people, even basketball fans, have argued that the NBA playoffs are too long, as they begin in mid-April with the Finals concluding in mid-June.

But to NBA Hall of Famer, Turner Sports NBA analyst, and Vice Chairman of the Atlanta Hawks Grant Hill, the system is just right. While speaking to Business Insider, Hill explained that he thinks the league’s current format is perfect.

“I think once we come out of the Final Four, I just think it’s NBA,” Hill said. “I think people’s attentions are on the finishing up of the regular season and how that kinda just flows right into the playoffs … I think as we get through that first round, second and third [rounds], Finals and then bam, we’re right into draft. There’s a lot of excitement associated with the draft, and then free agent period July 1, Summer League.

“It’s like from the end of March until mid to late July; it’s all NBA. We tend to stay in the news and stay relevant as a league.”

It’s hard to argue with Hill’s assessment. Some big events that may overshadow the NBA during the time frame from late March to mid-July – The Masters, the NFL Draft, the NHL playoffs, at times – but mostly, the NBA is the dominant sport at that time, particularly with the baseball season still so young.

Last year, a flurry of trades and star players switching teams also kept the NBA relevant well past the end of the season.

With the NBA’s TV ratings doing well this postseason, a loaded draft class, and the biggest star in the league hitting free agency, it’s hard to imagine Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA wants to change the format. Hill would be on their side.

“I have no problems with the current model,” he said. “I like it.”

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