Vente Privée Founder On What Europe Needs, How He’ll Invade America


[credit provider=”Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Business Insider”]

We recently caught up with Vente Privée founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon to ask him about how his plans to invade the US are going and what it’s like for startups in Europe. We had only a brief chat, but here are the two points we thought were interesting:

  • With regard to European startups, to Granjon the biggest problem isn’t the things you usually hear about, like access to capital. The biggest problem is that Europe isn’t a unified market yet. Not only are the cultures and languages different, but also the regulatory frameworks, taxes, etc. When US entrepreneurs see traction, they can speed up and hit a market of 300 million people. Europe isn’t a market of 300 million people, so they first need to win a country, and then fight all over again to win another, and so on and so forth.
  • With regard to the US, Vente Privée’s joint venture is moving apace, Granjon said (he would, of course). What we learned is that they expect to launch “before Thanksgiving.” Fingers crossed!

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