The University That Removed Its Wrecking Ball Sculpture After Students Started Imitating Miley Cyrus Has Reinstalled It -- With New Rules

Grand Valley State University is reinstalling a controversial wrecking ball sculpture on campus, but with a caveat — students are not allowed to ride on it.

The school removed the 500-pound public art pendulum in September after students repeatedly attempted to replicate Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” music video. While GVSU original cited maintenance concerns, “it appears that maintenance was to put up a fence around it and warning signs telling students to stay off,” ABC reports.

According to ABC, a GVSU spokesman said, “I hope they keep their clothes on … Second off, we’re going to have some do not enter signage and if they do, they will be referred to the dean of students office.”

There will also be signs around the 40-year-old unnamed Dale Eldred sculpture offering explanations of the art. GVSU will also spend $US25,000 to build a 4-foot-tall fence and a concrete boundary around the sculpture, the Huffington Post reports.

GVSU students seemed excited that their sculpture was returning to campus: