GADGET LOVERS: You Need To Get On The Wait List For This Hip New Curated Flash-Sale Site


This is part of the Made in NY series, shining a spotlight on New York’s thriving start-up scene. Made in NY is presented in partnership with American Express OPEN Forum.

Grand St.’s Nick Steele shows off the MindWave Mobile.

Grand St. is a New York City based startup that’s all about gadgets. 

But the difference between Grand St. and Best Buy or Amazon is the curation of cutting edge products.

The gadget boutique sells some of the hottest toys around that you can’t find anywhere else.

Important people are starting to notice Grand St.: the 7-person startup just secured $1.3 million in funding.

Grand St.’s products have included the MindWave Mobile, a headset that lets you control a toy helicopter with your mind, and the Lapka, an environmental smart sensor that lets you measure how organic your apple is.

Grand St. is planning on opening up the site to everyone this summer. For now, you can check out the site and sign up for the wait list.

We caught up with Grand St. to talk about the vision behind the hot new NYC-based startup. 

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