Having The Kitschiest Commercial On TV Pays Off For Owners Of The Grand Prospect Hall

The kitschiest commercial circulating on New York cable –mainly on CNBC among other channels — is undoubtedly the one about Grand Prospect Hall.

You know the one — about “making dreams come true” in a Greek accent with music from Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” in the background.

Now the wedding/reception space owners Michael and Alice Halkias might be getting ready for another ad spot as they are reportedly planning to open an 11-story hotel near their Park Slope South hall.

Their cheesy commercial has been so successful that the Grand Prospect Hall is booked for hundreds of events a year.

NY Daily News:

“I made my commercial for free,” Michael Halkias said yesterday of the low-budget ad.

“So if anybody wants to laugh at the homemade aspect of it … I am laughing all the way to the bank.”

The Grand Prospect Hall has hosted a Nigerian prince’s wedding and a black-tie soiree for 750 employees at a German insurance company.

The Halkias bought the space in 1981 and launched their first commercial (of similar aesthetics to the the present one) in 1986. See the ads below.

Grand Prospect Hall 1986 Commercial

Grand Prospect Hall 2009 Commercial

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