A Woman Claims This Creepy 'Dexter' Ad Is The Reason She Broke Her Ankle

A New York City subway rider claims that a “Dexter” ad in Grand Central Terminal was so terrifying that it caused her to fall down a stairwell and break her right ankle.

Now, she’s suing.

Ajanaffy Njewadda filed a lawsuit with the Bronx Supreme Court saying the placement of the ad in Grand Central was hazardous, ABC News reports.

To promote the final season of “Dexter,” Showtime used a disturbing image of Michael C. Hall. In the photo, Hall is pulling plastic wrap, a tool Dexter uses to tie his victims down, tightly over his face.

According to the Njewadda’s filing, she was standing on the stairs with the ‘Dexter’ ad and turned around to look for her husband. When she turned back she was so shocked by Dexter’s face that she lost her balance and fell. She broke her ankle and hit her head.

Njewadda’s attorney, Rehan Nazrali, told The Daily Mail his client also had nightmares and could not go to that subway station for several months after the incident.

Nazrali says the placement and use of this “shockvertisement” was reckless and is directly responsible for his client’s injuries.

“I think they should realise that they’re trying to elicit a psychological response from the viewer. They want something kinetic. There’s nothing wrong in doing that, but you don’t want to destroy people,” he told The Daily Mail.

Njewadda is suing Showtime, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the New York City Transit Authority, New York City, and CBS Outdoor Americas (the group contracted to place the ad in the subway).

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