Here's everything inside the almost $40,000 Grammys gift bag

The 59th annual Grammy Awards are Sunday, February 12.

While musicians will go home with gold, over 50 presenters and performers will have the option to go home with a gift bag worth more than $30,000.

This year’s swag bag from LA-based entertainment marketing company Distinctive Assets is valued at almost $40,000. The Grammy Gift bag, which will be made available to over 50 presenters and performers, includes gifts ranging from ChapStick and customised Crayola crayons to an over $10,000 spa trip.

Distinctive Assets provided INSIDER with a peek at what will be inside this year’s bag. Keep reading to see what the performers will take home.

The most expensive item is a $8,850 trip for a week at the Golden Door spa in Southern California.

Golden Door
A bedroom in the Golden Door Spa.

The spa donates 100% of its profits to help end child abuse. You can learn more about the spa here.

The least expensive item in the gift bag is a $4.99 gift set of ChapStick moisturizer original and ChapStick 100% natural lip butter.


Some of the gifts are interesting, like these fashion adult bibs from BeBibs.


Check out all of the BeBibs styles here.

Oomi can transform any residence into a smart home.


A starter kit, which comes with an Oomi cube, touch, dock, a plug, and two bulbs costs $599.

A Bangarang handmade wooden box filled with 199 cards that have positive actions and quotes.


You can check out the box here.

A year's supply of Healing Saint luminosity skin serum along with a hair follicle stimulant valued at $2,316 that claims to prevent further hair loss.

Alison Buck/WireImage

Healing Saint from Dr. Jane 360 says it reduces the appearance of fine lines and fades age spots. You can check out their products here.

Hand-dipped chocolate from Chubby Chipmunk.

Chubby Chipmunk

The specific chocolate will be Fortunate #4 Nacional chocolate which has been dubbed the 'world's rarest chocolate.' You can check it out here.

A $99 massage mat from SweetCheeks which claims to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The mat is also supposed to help increase circulation. You can view it here.

Caramel and pretzel candies from Betty Jane Candies.

Betty Jane Candy

You can check out Betty Jane candies here.

A Debut novel called 'Bright Midnight' from Chris Formant.

Highline Editions

The book is about Rolling Stone journalist Gantry Elliot's adventure to discover the mystery of the premature deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. The trio of Rock and Roll icons all died at 27. You can check it out here.

A Trtil travel pillow.

Courtesy TRTL

The Trtl travel pillow looks like a fleece, but it has an internal neck support. Check it out here.

A customised 64-count box of Crayola crayons which starts at $12.99.


The box comes personalised with the performer or presenter's name and photo. You can make your own custom box here. The 64-count starts at $12.99.

Shave oil from Hercules Beard Co.

A gift certificate for a free large pizza from D'Amore's Famous Pizza in California.

The company refers to itself as America's 'healthiest' pizza.

A personal CPR kit.

The CPR Anytime kit from the American Heart Association is supposed to allow anyone to be able to learn adult hands-only CPR in 20 minutes.

A mini gift set from In Season Beauty of its fall and winter collection which comes with a moisturizer, balm, and oil.

In Season

The mini gift set bundle retails for $20. You can check it out here.

A pair of handmade studs from Park and Buzz.

Park and Buzz

They typically retail for $24.00 each. You can check them out here.

Five books from Lady Amber's reviews.

Lady Ambers

The books include 'Garden of Her Heart,' 'Frenzy,' 'Sexiest Man Alive,' 'Crane,' and 'Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.'

Medice foot cream which retails for $25.


The foot cream is supposed to help smooth heels and make feet crack free.

Mood & Co.'s candle of the year which is a soy candle with hints of Emerald Sea, sandal wood, and hugo.

A hair sleeve from PonyDry which allows women to just wash the roots of their hair.

A lifetime supply of Oxygenetix foundation and moisturizer.


You can check it out here.

Activity-based gear from Trespass's DLX Collection.

Courtesy Trespass

You can check out Trespass here.

An exclusive gift set from True Brit London.

True Brit London

It includes nail polish remover in a scented strawberries and cream and 'enriched nail enamel' in shades called 'Rule Britannia' and 'Heirloom.' You can check True Brit London out here.

A luxury volume hair extension piece from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection

Courtesy Lauren Ashtyn Collection

You can read more on the Lauren Ashtyn Collection here.

A $55 project kit of furniture paint from Reloved.


The creative soul kit includes a 250-milileter vintage paint pot, dirty wax, round wax brush, and instructions. You can check out Reloved here.

Dinnerware from Slimware.

A dessert kit from Gold Leaf Gourmet

Gold Leaf Gourmet

You can check out their kits here.

A print of original art work from Tunka Art.

Tunka Art

You can check out Tunka Art here.

An FXP Hula Hoop Fitness workout program.


The kit comes with a hula hoop, fitness DVDs, an exercise mat, and personal training sessions from a certified FXP master trainer in six cities (LA, New York, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, and Chicago).

A lampshade by Okawa craftsman.


Here are the rest:

Namira Monaco
Here's the pin from Namira Monaco fine jewellery.

• Music trade magazine, Music Connection

• People's annual year-in-review collector's edition of People Yearbook.
• A pin from Namira Monaco.

• A six-ounce can of Blue Diamond Almonds.

• A book from international speak and peace ambassador Prem Rawat called 'Splitting the Arrow.'

• An expert eye kit and spin-on lip gloss duo from Whoosh Beauty.

• Nitro-Tech Crunch protein energy bars from MuscleTech.

Hydroxycut Platinum.

Revision skincare products.
• Customised beauty and snack boxes from Universitee Box.
• 2 complimentary hours of DJ service from DJ Spark.

• A shirt, duffle, and water bottle from Truth, the smoking prevention campaign.

• A rehydration formula in the form of an orange-flavored tablet from Phizz.

• Mohair pillows from the Rey 3 Design Collection.

• Designer eyewear from Marchon.

• Costume jewellery from Grosse Japan.

• Assorted Hasbro games ranging from 'Toliet Trouble,' to 'Monopoly Token Madness.'

• A gift set from Dalgomi including a variety of nighttime masks.

• Shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray by Gina.

MBG Medi LED Hydro Mist to help with vocal cord management.

Exercise shoes from Jackson Walk Jet by MTG that was co-developed by former Michael Jackson dancer Yumiko Sumida Jackson.

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