Grammy Award Winners Fun. Rocked Pier 26 Last Night For Adoring Fans

Fans went crazy during the show.

The band Fun. has is the breakout pop sensation of this decade. And this became crystal clear when fans starting crying at their show last night at Pier 26 in Manhattan, NY.

Their hit “We Are Young” has become an anthem for millennials and took home the Grammy Award for song of the year at the 55th Grammy Awards. It was covered by the show “Glee” (whose version of it hit number one in the iTunes store before the band’s) which made it hugely popular and then used in a 2012 Chevy Sonic commercial which made it hugely lucrative. 

And then they dominated the Billboard charts at number 1 for six weeks straight. So they had a big, excited crowd to see them and openers Tegan and Sara when they played at Pier 26.

The show was a spectacle with lights, costume changes, and wild fans.

Fun. played at Pier 26 in Manhattan and last night the weather was perfect.

Tegan and Sara opened.

The crowd was eager.

Tegan and Sara are identical twin sisters originally from Calgary, Canada.

But Sara now splits her time between New York City and Montreal.

While Tegan covers the West Coast, living in L.A. and Vancouver.

Fun. are outspoken advocates for gay rights and they had a big booth set up for The Ally Coalition while volunteers walked around with photos showing the band and one of their partners in the campaign, fashion designer Rachel Antonoff.

It was a family friendly crowd.

Fun. took the stage with their classic tuxedo look.

Nate Ruess is the band's frontman and lead vocalist. He is a born performer and brings an incredible energy on stage. It's easy to see why he is a pop star.

Fans went crazy during the show.

Ruess used to be in a band called the Format.

That band was on a tour with Steel Train when he met Jack Antonoff.

Antonoff is an accomplished guitar player and has been playing since middle school.

Andrew Dost is the third primary member of the band.

But Ruess dominates the stage.

Fans literally broke into tears. Pop sensation complete. And as a bonus...that is Fun. band photographer Daniel Silbert. He gets the best shots of the band and lots of behind-the-scenes access, so you should check out his work.

The song was covered by Glee bringing it into the mainstream and propelling the band to pop star level.

People rushed to see the band.

With the Freedom Tower in the background the scene was picturesque.

And it was a picture perfect crowd.

And lots of couples.

While everyone wanted to stay, you had to leave at some point.

And by the end of the night security was eager to get home.

Want to see more music in New York?

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