10 common grammar mistakes you're probably making


Some grammar mistakes manage to trip up the vast majority of writers. Take “affect” and “effect” — no matter how many times this grammar rule is explained to people, many writers continue to mix them up. If you’re regularly tripped up by homonyms such as “who’s vs. whose” and “further vs. farther”, this infographic is here to help.

We’re confident that most readers have a commanding grasp of the below grammar rules. Nevertheless, it’s smart to have a cheat sheet on hand for those brain-fart moments when an obvious spelling escapes you. Not only do good grammar and accuracy matter, they can also allegedly affect your love life.

For more advanced grammar tips, be sure to check out this guide from Harvard cognitive scientist and linguist Steven Pinker.

[Via Visually]

This article was originally published by Lifehacker Australia. Read the original here.

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