Someone in Paris thinks that Jeremy Corbyn would make a 'great world leader'

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn isn’t exactly the most popular politician in the UK right now.

His party’s MPs are arguing among themselves about the UK’s bombing of ISIS targets in Syria, and although he won a minor victory in the Oldham by-election last week, he was even recently forced to say that he won’t resign any time soon.

But while he isn’t riding high in the UK, and polls suggest that most people don’t see him becoming prime minister, Corbyn seems to getting some love from the people of Paris.

A picture tweeted by Economist journalist Oliver Morton shows some supportive grafitti for the Labour leader daubed on a wall in the city’s Gare de l’Est area.

The graffiti translates roughly as “I think Jeremy Corbyn would make a great world leader” and goes against the general consensus in the UK.

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