Which Of These A-List Actresses Should Win The Million-Dollar Role Of Grace Kelly?

grace kelly rear window

Great news for all the actresses still sulking over losing Marilyn Monroe to Michelle Williams:

A biopic about Grace Kelly is in the works.

And honestly, between the clothes and the Oscar bait drool, could another role compare in a lifetime?

Here’s who we imagine might be on the shortlist when the casting call comes down — as well as some dark-horse blondes.

Charlize Theron already has the regal thing down, and she's proven she can play just about anything.

There's something vaguely throwback about Amanda Peet, and she's got a great range (not to mention ideal cheekbones).

Ali Larter is from Cherry Hill, NJ -- so she gets Kelly's whole life-on-the-Main-Line, summers-on-the-shore thing.

Amy Adams is ready for a role like this, and we'd love to see her in it.

Naomi Watts might be the closest to a dead ringer for Kelly...

... but Diane Kruger gives Watts a run for her money in that department.

Dark horse pick: Dianna Agron, whose looks and vibe channel a young Kelly.

Natalie Portman has the Oscar -- the next logical step in the formidable-actress pyramid is to inhabit a famous figure. Plus, wouldn't you love to see her as a blonde? We think Portman could be the dream pick.

If this project gets tied up for a few years, Elizabeth Olsen could play Kelly.

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